You are privledged

“I hate school!” says the 10 year old boy from England wanting to stay in bed, meanwhile the 10 year old boy from Ethiopia must miss school today because he must help out his father earn money to feed his family.

“I don’t want to eat that, I want mcdonalds!” says the 6 year old girl from America who knows after a small tantrum she will get what she wanted, meanwhile the 6 year old girl from Vietnam misses dinner again because her family couldn’t afford seeds to plant crops this season.

“I hate my job” says the middle aged Australian woman who earns above the median wage and relieves benefits, meanwhile a middle aged woman in Bangladesh is working in a sweat shop, living with 6 others while working excruciating hours just to be able to eat that night.

You are privledged, stop complaining, ypu sound greedy.


Nutrition student

So as many of you know I am studying nutrition, I am currently finishing an assignment assessing someone’s diet and altering it to suit the Australian dietary guidelines. It is harder then I thought to preach in an assignment the importance of meat and dairy in the diet when I don’t believe it myself.

In two years I will finish my advanced diploma and then move onto a more Holistic school to get my bachelor. I can’t wait to study more about alternative lifestyles rather then 1 standard diet should be suitable for every Australian, which is preposterous.

It is hard for someone to follow a proper healthy lifestyle when there is so much conflicting information out there.

10 tips on going vegan

Alot of people have the wrong idea on being vegan, they think its too hard and you can’t eat anything so here are my top 10 suggestions on the transition into a vegan lifestyle, it’s easier then it looks.

1. Don’t eat the processed vegan stuff.
2. Don’t be hard on yourself, if you break and eat some meat or dairy just try again.
3. Make sure you take into account that you’re not eating meat and make up for the nutrition in vegetables, lentils and seeds.
4. You can still be unhealthy being a vegan, try to eat more plant based.
5. Have 3 go to meals for when you finish work late and can’t be bothered.
6. Make it as easy and enjoyable as possible, try pre making meals.
7. Try new vegetables and give it a chance.
8. Research, research, research! There is alot actually that is vegan that you wouldn’t suspect, like oreos! Although Remeber the sugar content is unhealthy.
9. Don’t think being vegan means you can’t go out to restraunts, most restraunts have vegan option and you can always alter meals to suit.
10. Eat to live, don’t live to eat.

Always remind yourself why you’re doing this, whether it be animal welfare or for general health. The first couple of weeks will be hard but your body will adjust.

Keep on keeping on!

Lets get real!

Late last year i had a major wake up call while watching a documentary on the tourism industry involving animals and planning my trip to Asia, i was planning to do  activities a lot of well known travel agencies recommended, a must was to ride on an elephants back and visit the zoo! I couldn’t wait to see these amazing animals up close and get my photo taken with them, it was going to be a once in a life time experience. I was so wrongly mislead, how would a WILD animal sit there so calmly while i patted it and got my picture taken with it? how can a WILD animal beg on the streets? look at the photos and look in the eyes of the animal, you can see how sad they are, you can see the abuse in their eyes. The animals have been trained with abuse, now with a years worth of research under my belt i have pinned this down to education being the key to stop this from happening, if only more people knew then less people would partake meaning less animals would be hurt annually.

Elephants are snatched away as babies, taken from their mothers and beaten into submission, they are deprived of food and sold into the tourism industry illegally. Tigers in zoos are heavily drugged and in some cases their claws are ripped out as well as their teeth. The fish you see all over the streets of Thailand are thrown in the bin 10 minutes after they clean the dead skin from your feet, not to mention the damage they are doing just by eating the dead skin in the first place.

I dream of one day a cruelty free world but until now i will try and get the message out there, hopefully someone who reads this has learnt something and cant possible partake in these activities on their trip to Asia.

Keep on keeping on 🙂


And so the adventure begins…

Namaste! My name is Rose, i am 20 and Aussie. The world i my oyster, i am a Nutrition student, beginner vegan, future world backpacker, explorer and just plain happy.

I am very much in love with the world, but the more i learn it about the more it scares and saddens me, i want to travel all continents and experience all cultures, i want to understand every part of the world. I will begin my world exploring in September this year by doing 1 month in Nepal volunteering with children and hiking, then 2 months backpacking South East Asia. I will be traveling Asia cruelty free for animals as Asia is huge in animal exploitation for tourism, this means no riding on elephants backs, no photos with tigers or other animals and i will not let fish clean my feet. Traveling has always been a dream of mine, i cant believe i am fulfilling it.

I m not a Buddhist but i love the philosophy of the Buddhist, its inspirational. Happy is all i want to be when i am grown up, with children, a husband and career, nothing would be worth it if i wasn’t happy. I believe in nature, we were given everything we need to cure ourselves and survive a long life naturally, we don’t need processed foods and pharmaceuticals. My beliefs are what i stand for and nothing can interfere with them.

Now, when i say i am a beginner Vegan, i mean i am still working at it. I have vegan days and days were i am allowed small amounts of meat and dairy but i will admit i feel better on my vegan days. Being a student nutrition does help, i am able to know what foods i need to increase or decrease to have a healthy vegan diet. I am making the transition to a vegan lifestyle as healthy as i can, i think the biggest mistake people make are not replacing the nutrition they loose and by buying the vegan processed foods. A vegan lifestyle is healthy and ethical, i look forward to sharing my journey.

thanks for following my blog. keep on keeping on.